ZTE President Jets In Zim For Major Deals


A high powered 10 member ZTE delegation jetted into the country from China yesterday before paying a courtesy visit to Zimbabwe’s Minister of ICT, Postal and Telecommunications Supa Mandiwanzira to discuss the exploration of more investment opportunities in Zimbabwe.

The delegation was led by ZTE president and executive director Xianming Zhao. ZTE has been in the country for about 10 years and when the Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Zimbabwe, the company signed a $300 million deal with Econet.

It is believed that ZTE has been bankhauling most of Econet’s Projects.More so, ZTE is also dealing with the technical southern part of Telecel Zimbabwe.

Addressing journalists after a meeting between the minister and the ZTE delegation, Mandiwanzira said they were encouraging the company to invest in Zimbabwe’s Special Economic Zones.

“So they are in the country looking for further investment opportunities and we were very happy to host them as a ministry.

“So, we are encouraging them to look into Zimbabwe for investment opportunities and to enhance their cooperation with government owned companies for the betterment of our people, creating employment as well as transferring technology and skills to our people,” he said.

The minister added that the delegates were discussing the promotion of multivendor policies in mobile companies.

“Because they have worked with global mobile companies around the world like Vimpelcom who were around the market until government bought their stake in Telecel they have experience working with networks who have multivendor policies.

“Multivendor policy means that as a network , you cannot just rely on one supplier. Don’t just build your business on the basis of one technical supplier or one vendor, there are several of them.

“And when you have several of them, they compete in terms of quality, they compete in terms of price and services. And at the end of the day, with government owned companies its actually the government that benefits but more important the beneficiary ate the consumers,” said Mandiwanzira.


ZTE Visit Shows Growth Potential Of Zimbabwe’s Telecoms Industry

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