ZRP Unpacks Electronic Monitoring System


ZRP is looking forward to roll out its  electronic traffic monitoring system to all police stations in Harare by this month end in its bid to combat corruption on the roads.  The ETMS  is available at Avondale police system and Harare Central Police Station with  16 devices at each station

This device allows police roadblocks to be monitored at all times because of the GPS, if traffic police officers are deployed at certain roadblock the device will report or show at server that it has moved from its deployed position the road, it has a camera also which allows the officer to take pictures of the car or of the motorists in case there is need for exhibit of any kind later on.

The electronic monitoring phases out the use paper at roadblock as all motorists details required will be entered in the device just like the schedule of fines and it also has the updated list of fines which cannot be tempered with

All payment will be done electronically via mobile money, swipe. The transactions are done on the device and after confirmation of payment a receipt will then be printed and the machine automatically update itself in the morning

However if a motorist is charged of any offense the system does not have room for installments or later on payments it will be for the consideration of the traffic officer either to allow for later on payments or detain  till payment is done

This technological innovation comes to counter corruption and monitor roadblocks since the issue of illegal roadblocks is on the rise.

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