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ZRP Avondale adopts tech to follow up on traffic lights offenders


The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Avondale, has adopted the use of cameras on robots to follow up traffic lights offenders as video footage will be used as evidence.

In conjunction with the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ), the Officer In charge ZRP Avondale traffic has issued a public notice requesting offenders to submit themselves before the police to answer the charges of going through a red traffic light.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police is requesting the registered owners and/ or drivers of the under-mentioned vehicles to report to The Officer-In Charge ZRP Avondale Traffic as soon as possible to answer to charges of going through a red traffic light at The Corner of Monavale Road and Kirkman Roads in Belvedere in Harare on Tuesday 24 August 2020.

“Photographs and video footages will be used as evidence.”

Harare City Council has since installed the surveillance cameras at traffic lights in the city centre to rein in traffic offenders and thus reduce congestion.

The cameras are designed to “capture” motorists who impede the smooth flow of traffic.
It is envisaged that the cameras will assist police in identifying criminals in the city centre.

In March last year, Harare City Council said surveillance cameras were being installed as a pilot project at the corner of Jason Moyo Avenue and Simon Vengayi Muzenda (Forth) Street, a busy intersection next to a the bus terminus with a three-way sequence of light changes.

The City Council also said it intended to link the new system with Zinara and the Central Vehicle Registry so that they can follow up on the issued tickets for violating traffic regulations.

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