#ZimStartup: Grand Kindergarten e-Learning Expo on Cards


Driven by the need to see kindergarten kids display their unflinching computer skills, Dzidzo iNhaka Visual Learning, an organization that teaches e-learning to both the children and teachers, has begun preparing for a big expo.

Dzidzo iNhaka executive director Shepherd Chimururi said the expo bringing together these children intends to make computer operating skills, a discipline.

“Plans to hold the expo at a grand scale have started and we are looking forward to host about 40 pre-schools from all over the country. We expect to hold the event sometime in October,” he said

Having held a trial run of the event a fortnight ago at Kinderkastle in Harare, Chimuriri said this was a learning curve for them.\

“The main idea we are saying is that we want to push computer education to a level where it can be regarded as a sport. Just as good as athletics, soccer,  chess. It should be a competitive discipline. “Bringing the children together was meant to see the feasibility of such a program.

“So for us it was a learning platform as well as we saw kids doing wht they did on computers.  Initially we wanted 10 schools but ended up with 12.  Some were reluctant saying they would join in later,” he said.

On this event, pre-scholars from as far as Chirundu came to show off what they are made of.

“There was one called Lumangela which came all the way from Chirundu. Another one called Champions for Life came from Domboshava. Shalom Junior came from Norton. So is not something for Hararians.

He said they are looking to extend the same experience to Bulawayo.

“As I speak to you we have plans to do the same for Bulawayo in the third term because we have been holding some workshops that side. We have teachers, we have installed some softwares. There are kids doing elearning,” noted Chimururi.

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