Zim mobile penetration rate records 0.1% decline


The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has reviewed a decline in mobile penetration rate by 0.1 percent in the Third Quarter ended December 2020.

According to the Sector Performance Report, the mobile penetration has dropped to 87.7 percent from 87.8 percent recorded in the previous quarter.

Furthermore, the active fixed telephone lines has also declined by 1.6 percent to 256 356 from 260 542 which was recorded in the previous quarter while the fixed tele-density remained at 1.8 percent.

As stated in the report, the total number of active mobile subscriptions has also declined by 0.1 percent to reach 12,783,785 from 12,798,298.

POTRAZ has however expects a growth in active subscriptions in the fourth quarter as consumption at household and industry level improves following the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions on the formal and informal sector.

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