Zim inventor, invents a Microsonic Greener Power Machine


Zimbabwean inventor who is based in the United States Sangulani Maxwell Chikumbutso has invented a greener power machine that generates 50 kilowatts and can power 10 homes sharing 5 kilowatts each.

The generator creates electricity without using any kind of fuel something that is believed to be physically impossible by physics.

In a Facebook post the gifted innovator and form 2 dropout from showed cased his greener power machine which is self-powered, no fossil fuels and no natural resource needed and the generator runs silently.

The owner of Saith technologies Chikumbutso has also invented a backpack IP mesh, a vehicle -mount solution , a mini helicopter and a receiver mobile solution and also invented the Digital Navigation Facilitator , which enables easy landing for aircraft and make use o of the size, altitude and speed of the plane .

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