Zim firms express mixed feelings over internet speeds


Zimbabwean companies have expressed mixed reactions over the internet speeds and connectivity provided by internet services providers in the country. This was found after respondents were asked if internet service providers managed to provide the right speeds and connectivity required for their businesses.

Liquid, TelOne, Powertel, Africom, Telecontract, Aquiva and Aptics are some of the internet service providers in Zimbabwe.

In the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries Manufacturing Sector Survey 2017, it was discovered 35 percent percent of businesses in Zimbabwe indicated they are to an average extent getting Internet at the right speed. The survey found that 11 percent were thoroughly impressed with the internet speeds in Zimbabwe.

However, there were other businesses that felt riled claiming the internet speeds were not up to scratch.

Businesses making up 14 percent found the internet speeds generally right with 20 percent slightly impressed.

There is this section of respondents being asked the extent they use internet for selling their goods to consumers, the extent they use ICT in the creation of new business models, services as well as if they widely use virtual social networks for personal and professional communication within their companies.


Use of internet by firms

In the survey, it was found that the proportion of larger firms with equipment older than 20 years is higher compared to small and medium sized companies.

“From the results, 26,8% of respondents only face competition from domestic firms, while 11,4% only face competition from foreign companies. Sixty percent of companies face competition from both domestic and foreign companies. In the last four years, we have seen Zambia emerging, as a manufacturing hub as evidenced by the percentage of companies indicating they face competition from products coming from that market,”CZI Chief economist  Daphine Mazambani said.

More than 250 questionnaires were sent to respondents in the manufacturing sector. Companies were drawn from the four CZI regional chambers namely Mashonaland, Manicaland, Matabeleland and Midlands. These include both CZI members and non-members.


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