Zim entrepreneur’s driverless car approved in UK


Zimbabwean entrepreneur based in the UK ,Pas William Sachiti driverless car which aims to reduce the cost of last mile delivery by as much as 90 percent has received approval to travel on UK roads.

The car, aptly called Kar -Go uses artificial intelligence to drive itself around delivery packages to homes and can deliver up to a dozen of them.

Kar-Go works in conjunction with an app where the recipient can track their delivery and meet the vehicle just like meeting a pre-booked taxi.

Sachiti ‘s company, academy of robotics, has partnered a car manufacturing company called Pilgrim Motorsports, which is helping them make the car. They have also been accepted into Nvdia’s Inception Al Acceletator program which, the start-up says means they will have access to more expertise and Nvdia ‘s GDU and Al resources of driverless cars.

Driverless cars are nothing new globally. it’s a growing industry that Google, Uber, Tesla and traditional car manufacturers are all racing in.

Autonomous delivery is also not new as logistics players including amazon, have announced they are building drones to deliver to do the task.

Kar- Go however also solves some delivery economics that drones will struggle with. Drones can carry only a limited number of parcels per trip (that is limit of Kgs and parcel size) making them quite expensive to use.

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