Updated List of Zim Banks on Zipit And The Codes


It wouldn’t be surprising to understand that a lot of Zimbabweans do not know some of the Zimswitch Instant Payment Interchange Technology (Zipit) platform.

Zipit is a product. developed to enable instant inter-bank. funds transfers between Zimswitch member institutions. ZIPIT is designed to focus on real time.

Many banks on Zimswitch not forgetting the mobile money platforms such as One Money and Telecash have been integrated onto Zipit.

Save for just four financial institutions namely Barclays Bank of  Zimbabwe, Ecobank, African Century Limited and Standard Chartered, most Zimswitch members can send and receive funds using Zipit.

African Century, Ecobank and Barclays customers can only receive funds via Zipit while Stanchart’s can only send funds to other Zimswitch members.

Check out the list in the image below if your banks can send or receive funds via Zipit.


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