Tynwald Primary School Adopts 3D Printing


Tynwald students are now using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and 3D printing as part of their virtual collaboration with partner students in the United States via the Level Up Village’s Global Inventors course. This is the first 3D printer to be availed to a primary school in Zimbabwe and they showcased it on Thursday at Tynwald Primary School in Harare.

Speaking about the development, Tynwald Primary School Headmaster Mr Sevias Mujere  said they were thrilled to be one of the first schools to acquire a 3D printer adding that they hope the whole nation will join them in changing the face of education.

“It is our hope that the nation will come on board and help each other change the face of education in Zimbabwe.We are pleased to be one of the first schools to be using 3D printing in a global classroom setting.” said  Mujere.

Tynwald Primary School pupils on computers along with their teachers

3D printing also known as Additive Manufacturing is a process of making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file. While the 3D printer that Tynwald acquired only allows them to print smaller 10cm x 10cm objects, bigger 3D printers can actually print bigger objects like furniture, houses and even artificial body parts like hearts.

Shene Rowe, LUV’s representative in Zimbabwe spoke to TechnoMag about the wonderful things about 3D printing and the many programs that LUV are doing here in Zimbabwe. These programs according to Rowe are not only at Tynwald Primary, but in other schools that have signed up for the Level Up Village partnership.

Tynwald benefited from their partnership with LUV, boasting of having over 500 students signed up to the program,becoming the only school in the world to sign up as many students. Under LUV, schools receive a $3 technology grant per student which can be saved up over a year or two, and from the funds Tynwald acquired, they got a 3D printer.

Speaking about the funds, Shene Rowe said, “Schools can decide what they want to do with their funds depending on the sum. They can choose to have iPads, Laptops or in this case, a 3D printer.”

Tynwald prides itself as the first school to have a 3D printer in Zimbabwe. But not only that, their eLearning facility is top notch with every student having access to a computer that they get to use not only for computer studies but for other subjects as well.

With over a 1000 students from seven different schools in Zimbabwe already signed up to LUV where they get partnered with other students in the United States, LUV will have a bigger impact on the science and technology education of many Zimbabwean students.


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