Twitter in partnership with Google Cloud to expands its data analytics and machine learning capabilities


Twitter has announced its new strategic alliance with Google Cloud aiming to develop its offline analytics, data processing and machine learning workloads into Google’s Data Cloud.

In a statement, the microblogging and social networking service Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Parag Agrawal said the partnership has help in increasing the efficiency of the engineering teams

“Our initial Google Cloud partnership has been successful and has helped us to increase the efficiency of our engineering teams.

Agrawal has further added that the partnership and the Google technology will allow Twitter to learn more from their data, move faster and support the service users.

“Building on this partnership and the technology of Google will allow us to learn more from our data, move faster, and support the people who use our service every day with more relevant content. As Twitter continues to grow, we are excited to partner with Google in the data and machine learning space with more industry-leading technology innovation”.

The partnership will allow Twitter to accelerate its data analytics capabilities while enhancing its 330 million users’ user experience.

The partnership will also allow Twitter to implement the Data Cloud tools from Google and a number of other machine learning tools.

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