Is it time to teach people technology etiquette?


There is always that one guy who always talks loud on the phone, as if the only way to be heard is by shouting, with his vocal strength, carrying his message through, the guy who puts his phone on loudspeaker in the kombi, ensuring that you all hear his phone conversation, whether you like it or not, despite trying hard to ignore it. And others who watch porn in public when knowing fully well that, one glance from someone within their vicinity, all their filthy habits will be exposed.

With people engaging is such behavior, should people be taught technology etiquette?

By Pearson Mbendera

Technology has gifted us a good many things, making almost everything about our lives work better. But our obsession with technology has taken over, so much that people don’t even know when and how to use their devices. Using devices while driving, cooking (and burning stuff) or in the church doesn’t really constitute the best ways to use

Technology devices comes with manuals on how best to use them, which button one should press to switch it on, increase volume and stuff like that, but should they also cater about the right etiquette to accompany such usage?

It sounds as if its common sense how one should use his or her devices, but apparently it’s not it’s something others have to be taught.

Some of the way people use their technology range from annoying to downright irritating, while some engage is some risky behavior of walking at night, texting, with all their concentration on their devices, something that could surely result in them being involved in serious accidents.

While it seems as if people have given in too much to their technology, refusing to let go of it even during inopportune times, self-discipline is also required for people to get the best out of their technology.

A lot of times we blame technology when something bad happens involving technology but sometimes, we have to look beyond the technology, look at the people who are actually using, or rather abusing the technology.

If only the smart technology would make people smarter too, maybe we wouldn’t be having these problems, but alas, it doesn’t seem so. At least people will be glued to their devices while reading this, hopefully they won’t run into a car while doing so, at least not before they share this article with their friends. Just kidding. Maybe I need to learn some technology etiquette too. Oops. Maybe we all need to learn some technology etiquette after all.

Tari Mudahondo

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