Telone phasing out copper cables for high speed technology


Telone Board Chairman Dr Douglas Zimbango said Telone is phasing out copper cables for high speed technology (Blaze LTE).

Speaking at the launch of 10 base stations in Chitungwiza Wednesday, Zimbango highlighted that Telone is looking forward to phase out the copper cables introducing the Blaze LTE which is going to reduce wide spread of network vandalism.

“To completely archive our stated mandate we have to completely replace the copper network which is now outdated and continues to be the subject of wide spread network vandalism this position requires significant funding this position requires significant funding for the development of new technologies.”

He added that the move made by Telone to phase out copper cables and use the Blaze LTE will enhance their companies market share growth and their revenue growth and also their operational efficiency.

“We are thus looking up to the shareholder for support in this noble drive to expand coverage.Through this investment of LTE and the successful implementation of the Telone strategy will be able to achieve out targeted market share growth, revenue growth and operational efficiencies. Which will intend to reduce cost thereby ultimately leading to long term business viability and growth for us and the market that we serve.

“Ladies and gentleman we are proud that we are making a difference in the nation of Zimbabwe as mandated by the expansion of the communication infrastructure and development of data centric products and services in line with our shareholders digitalization thrust.

“Our innovation path continues and we will continue to hear us making noise in the market about our digital strides. As i conclude ladies n gentleman allow me to express our appreciation to our telecommunications partners for coming on board on the infrastructure sharing endeavour it would have taken us longer to roll out this service to the people of Chitungwiza,” said Zimbango.

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