TelOne Offers $ 1000 for Copper Theft Reports

State owned converged telecommunication company TelOne has engaged the public in the fight against vandalism of its copper cables.

Up for grabs just for reporting cases of  copper theft is $1000.

“Earn Quick & Easy Money by helping TelOne in fighting theft of telecommunications assets such as copper cables. TelOne is offering a reward of up to $1,000 to anyone with information regarding criminals who are vandalising and stealing copper cables,” said the company.

TelOne also gave contact details for one with information on copper klepts.

“Anyone with information which may lead to the arrest of these copper criminals may call TelOne anytime of the day on 04-252999, SMS or Whatsapp 0718700950 or email [email protected],” added the company.

TelOne Runhare Building

The Chipo Mutasa led company says the reward is instantly paid up if there is an arrest or recovery of the stolen copper cables.

The reward is paid instantly provided an arrest or recovery is achieved. You dont EVEN have to reveal your identity, you can chose how you want your reward to be paid,” said the company.

About 20 copper criminals have been incarcerated with $10 000 being paid to date.

“Over $10,000 has been paid so far and more than 20 copper criminals have been sent to jail. Play your part to serve your country and also earn a reward!,” said TelOne.

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