Social Media Advertising Cuts CBZ Ad Budget By Half


Social media advertising has trimmed CBZ Holdings’ advertising spend by more than half compared to conventional advertising methods, a company official has said.

This was said by CBZ Group Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs Dr Eldrette Shereni at the Customer Service Excellence Symposium yesterday. She said their adaptation to trending and cost cutting advertising methods have helped them control their advertising funds.

“CBZ launched its social media pages last May last year I think. And Im happy to say that it has cut our advertising budget by I think almost 50 percent if not more from what we were doing before we went on social media,” she noted.

Dr Shereni said it is penny-wise to use new media when advertising than traditional media.

CBZ Facebook Page

She also noted that business brands need to observe some netiquette. Netiquette can be defined as the internet etiquette.

“There is some netiquette that people need to understand. These are a few tips on how to utilize the digital platform effectively or successfully.

One we need to be aware of our tone and attitude. This applies to the personnel and the business brand that use social media.

“The language of your brand tonality of the brand on social media cannot be the same as that which you project in the press or that on the billboard. It has to have a certain kind of personality that attract people to engage you. It has to be fun.

“One thing that people need to understand is that there are various digital platforms or communities. Each community has its own set of rules and regulations that people need to follow. Professionalism is also imperative,” she said.

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She also noted that with the growing concern of fake news, business brands ought to be reliable on the internet.

“Be a credible online source. I think in Zimbabwe there is really a trend of fake news. Im sure a lot of you have seen people posting pictures and videos of things that didn’t happen,”said Dr Shereni.

Considering the bank joined the social media league last year, CBZ is growing phenomenally with over 66 000 Facebook fans and about 4 300 followers on Twitter.

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