Smart Or Bad Move As Econet Wireless Introduces Smart USD Bundle


In a move described as smart by Econet subscribers, Zimbabwe’s largest Telecommunications mobile operator has introduced the Smart USD bundle which is undoubtedly a cherry on top for its more than 10 million local customer base.

Bundles are promotional voice , data and sms packages with fixed validity period , offered by mobile network operators at significant discount to normal , out- of bundle services.Operators offer bundles in packages valid for a day , a week and a month.

In January Econet reviewed its data tariffs which came at a time when its subscribers were battling with hyper inflation.

The Smart USD data bundles has the following packages Voice , Data, SMS, and Combo.

Data tariffs are as follows

  • WhatsApp Weekly 300MB $1
  • WhatsApp Monthly 900MB $3
  • WhatsApp Monthly 1650MB $5
  • Private Wifi 10 GB $10

Comparing with data tariffs from other mobile operators the new bundle tariff by Econet are cost – reflective and will allow companies to retool and offset the negative impacts of hyperinflation.

With the prevailing black market rate USD$1 is equivalent to ZW$2,700 , the cheapest Econet Private Wifi bundle 8 GB cost $4320 hence a 10GB bundle costing $10 is enticing to the public given that Netone a state owned mobile operator is charging $6500 for 10GB.

The general consensus is that bundles are now expensive for most people so a cost effective data package by Econet will see subscribers from other mobile operators tariffs joining the Econet family.

Tariffs adjustments have failed to keep pace with inflation, which closed 2021 at over 60%, while the Zimbabwe dollar lost more than 50% of its value in the past 12 to 18 months.

Zimbabwe’s largest MNO recently introduced United States dollar-denominated promotional bundles to cater for customers who have free funds.

The US$1 bundle consists of 15 voice minutes, 150 megabytes of data and 15 SMS, all valid for 24 hours.

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