Armed Robberies Bypassing CCTV Technologies-Safeguard


Safeguard Security has warned of a noticeable increase in crimes involving firearms, particularly in remote areas, and of an increase in break-ins in Harare’s northern suburbs. It has urged those with alarm systems to ensure these systems are in good working order, switched on at night or when there is no-one on the premises and connected to a rapid response service.

In a security alert sent to customers, Safeguard Security Services managing director Tariro Mundawarara warned that there is a current wave of robberies taking place in Harare in the areas from Ballantyne Park, along Ridgeway North through Arcturus Road, Highlands and into Newlands.

The crimes are taking place at night and the perpetrator is primarily stealing cash – at times with the residents asleep in the house,” he said, adding, however, that wherever a house, fence or outside beams alarm had been triggered the perpetrator had run away.

“Please make sure your alarm systems are working and are being turned on,” he said.

He said the increase in crimes involving firearms was a serious concern, particularly for those who live or have businesses in remote areas.

“If you must have some cash for your business operations, store it off-site overnight and move it using a reputable security provider,” he said.

Safeguard has on several occasions this year warned its customers and members of the public against storing cash either at their business premises or at home, since cash has become the prime target of most break-ins and robberies.

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