Barclays Now On Zipit


To Barclays Bank of Zimbabwe customers who were wondering whether or not the bank was on Zipit, well here is a news flash, “it is now on Zipit”.

Most customers’  cast doubt over the bank’s need to integrate systems that could give them convenience. At a Mobile money and digital payment conference held in Harare early this month, Barclays managing director George Guvamatanga who was impugned for not jumping onto the Zipit ship, exonerated himself saying they were already on the platform.

“Onto the question whether or not Barclays is on Zimswitch, well the answer is simple, we are there,” he said.

Yesterday while touring the Zimswitch stand at the ongoing Harare Agricultural Show, an attendant confirmed that Barclays is on the platform. She said that the bank joined the array of banks of Zipit in July.

Barclays Zimbabwe Managing Director George Guvamatanga

As the bank is now on Zipit Barclays customers cannot access all of the services.

“To date, Barclays customers can only receive funds from another bank on our platform. They are not yet able to send money to other banks,” she said.

Most banks in Zimbabwe are on Zipit and their customers are enjoying convenient banking services.

To drive interoperability among banks, Zimswitch has introduced new and exciting technology driven solutions to the industry, while meeting the payment processing needs of the general populace. With over 20 financial institutions and third party payment solutions such as mobile network operators, Zimswitch offers interoperability while also facilitating financial inclusion.

The company also boasts of its mobile platform for any mobile registered user on any network which provides real convenience of sending money through Zimswitch Instant Payment Interchange Technology (ZIPIT).

With Zipit, one is able to buy airtime and transfer airtime to another mobile user.

ZIPIT also enables a person to send funds instantly from a Zimswitch member bank to another member bank and funds are received instantly.The platform enables a person to transfer funds from the bank to the mobile wallet.

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