Panic Hits NMB Amidst ATM Card Cloning Scare


NMB Avondale branch customers have hit the alarm button after scores of customers found out that their salaries and bank balances were being mysteriously withdrawn by unknown assistants TechnoMag can Confirm.

A couple of them who reached out to TechnoMag confirmed that they have made police reports on the matter while the issue is reported to be ongoing with some loosing whole salary to mysetrious card swipes.

A quick check on the victims showed that NMD bank is still using the biometric card without chip and pin, which is very susceptible to card cloning and exposing its clients.

Some clients at the branch have however rushed to state that they suspect insider foul play as their funds were immediately withdrawn after salary deposits, stating that the hack was just not random but specific

We tried to reach out to NMB PR for formal comment on the challenge but we were continuously told that the team were in endless meetings to attend to inquiries.

Police Spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said he would come back to us with a formal comment on the matter after looking into the reports.

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