#OutAndAbout: Of Digital Marketing And Corporate Websites in Zimbabwe


The concept of digital marketing in Zimbabwe seems to have taken root and growing so well in the country. Because of a successful digital marketing campaign, CBZ was able to cut down its marketing expenditure, something that only helps to showcase how useful and cost saving digital marketing is, especially to many Zimbabwean companies operating in an economy facing some serious hardships.

But despite the many advantages that digital marketing offers to businesses, there is more to digital marketing than just posting on social media pages as a lot of Zimbabweans aren’t finding relevant content on company’s websites as they are neglecting them for social media coverage, which apparently doesn’t cover everything, a point that was noted by Farai Mugadza.

By Pearson Mbendera

“I was doing a research on banks and couldn’t find the information I was looking for on their websites, and on others, I’d find conflicting messages from what was reported in the media. Many businesses don’t even update their websites with correct and most recent information.” he said.

With reports from POTRAZ indicating that data usage has gone up; this presents an opportunity for businesses to create an even bigger online presence. But it has to be done right, otherwise it won’t work well if it leaves a lot of holes in the information available online.

But as Rudo Gungowo discovered, a lot of companies simply post on social media bits on information without putting more of the relevant information on their websites.

“One can post what they offer on social media but because you cannot fit it all in one post and also considering that there are many posts, it is better if all the information is also available on the website where you can easily get to it rather than sieve through one Facebook post after another trying to find information about a company” bemoaned Gunguwo.

Digital marketing shouldn’t be taken for granted. The same platform that people use to search for an organisation’s information on products and services and other offers will be the same platform they will use to pass damaging comments about the company, thus tarnishing the image people would

A successful digital marketing campaign doesn’t just start and end with social media posts, but they are just a part of it, not the whole. A lot of Zimbabwean businesses are neglecting their company websites and failing to update them regularly with relevant information that customers will be looking for to make buying decisions. In the end, because of lack on information, they walk away when they company’s offerings could have satisfied their needs.

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