OPC Steps Up e-Government Efforts


The Office of the President and Cabinet is making strides in as far as using technologies to improve the ease of doing business in the country.

This was said by OPC Director of Public Affairs Ambassador Mary Mubi. She said one no longer needs to travel to Harare to get a liquor license but can do it via the internet.

E-Government. Previously the minister talked about the ease of doing business program that the Office of the pPesident is coordinating.

“The ease of doing business is looking at how how best to ease business so that we facilitate investors, not just foreign investors but also local investors and its looking at using e-Government platforms and a number of areas where we now have things online for instance liquor licence is now online people are no longer coming to Harare to apply for liquor licenses,” said the ambassador.

Zim Connect Portals

Ambassador Mubi said for the past two years, SMS passport notifications have been given to passport applicants.

“The other areas we have boosted in terms of ease of doing business is the registrar’s office. In terms of provision of passports. Now the passport office is a place where you get your passports and they are now sending a message for the past two or three years.

“I think the issue of segmenting our clients and also using appropriate technologies has also assisted us in a number of government departments in the ease of doing business,” she added.

Through the Zim Connect Portal, Zimbabweans and foreigners can register companies, get passports among many other things to experience the ease of doing business.

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