No Independent Access To ZEC Server!


The Zimbabwe Election Commission, ZEC said that they will not be taking any independent supervisors to monitor activity on the ZEC  BVR server as they register towards the 2018 general election, While responding to a question from TechnoMag during a question and answer session.

Although they may have genuine fears of data security and possible infringements, observers need not access to data its self neither do they need read/write powers but mere monitoring tools for checks and balances. ZEC, however, clarified that the same matter was brought to them by all parties and it was now water under the bridge.

All political powers in Zimbabwe sent their technical representatives who were worried about  issues of data storage and security against tampering and we discussed all their major concerns and agreed that the matter was now resolved. “

responded a ZEC official 

ZEC could not disclose where the servers will be physically hosted or what kind of security will be applied on them but rather pleaded with the nation to trust them as they are an independent commission entrusted with that duty.

The Election commission also educated people not to confuse the Kenya problems with the local setup as Kenya went for an electronic voting, while ZEC is only instituting electronic registration which really does not involve the actual voting.

Voting will be done the same manual way like in any other past election, while the registration process will be done using fingerprint electronic recognition platform.



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