Netone launches electronic airtime top up platform


Mobile network operator Netone has launched an electronic airtime purchasing platform which allows its subscribers to buy and sell airtime in bulk.

Customers can purchase airtime by dialling a USDD code *519# using any kind of mobile phone.

The platform can be used by two users, Dealers who have to provide KYC information and Vendors.

Individuals can register to become dealers by getting application forms from NetOne shops using their ID and proof of residence.

Vendors can only access the platform via a dealer, while they have to engage with a dealer dial *519#, enter their dealer’s details and personal information.

The platform does not have transaction limits to floats dealers can send a float of any amount to their vendors.

Dealers will be getting a 11% float discount when they purchase airtime from NetOne.

NetOne acting Chief Commercial Officer Nyaradzai Shoko said the platform will allow customers to buy unlimited airtime and a new technology advancement for the mobile network company.

“We are moving in the right direction but how do we stay relevant? We have taken customers from competition, but how do we provide them with solutions to the communication problems they have? How do we add value (in this Covid situation)?”

“Ladies and gentlemen, the answer to that question is *519#. Whilst the Zone Commander will speak go into the details of what it is, allow me to say that this is a game-changer. Imagine a platform that allows you to sell or buy airtime from wherever you are. Imagine being able to access a limitless supply of airtime for sale?”

“Think of a scenario where it doesn’t matter if you have a mbudzi phone or a smartphone? Where you can virtually distribute airtime to your vendor network saving yourself, time, fuel, energy and money?”

“Imagine earning a discount simply because you have bought airtime to sell. These are just a few of the advantages that *519# has to offer. The world is changing fast, and technology is the tool that will drive that change. With *519# we are offering the technology of the future today – and NetOne is inviting you to join us as we redefine the future for Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans,” Shoko said.


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