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NetOne Is Lying About Their One Money Figures , Or Registered “Useless Increase”


State owned mobile network operator NetOne is  probably  lying about their  increased One Money  subscribers to Potraz  again or they  have  just  registered useless subscriber  increase.

NetOne  are not  new in this falsifying  of  information  business, they  did it 2018, before Potraz  penalised  them after they  misrepresented growth  figures  on their  mobile  subscribers, during the  “One Fusion hey  days”

According to the  latest Potraz  report, One Money purportedly  gained 82  159 subscribers in the Q4 of 2020 as they stated that  Active subscriptions for mobile money wallet One Money  increased from 854,320 recorded in the Q3 to 936,479 in Q4 of 2020.
“One Money recorded the biggest growth of 9.6%. Generally, active mobile money subscriptions have been fluctuating over the course of 2020.” noted the  Potraz report.
The  same sentiments  were echoed  by  a jump in market share of 14.4% from  13.5%. 
However  contrary to this healthy  increase  the same report states that NetOne  recorded the  biggest  loss  in value  of transactions being the  only mobile money  platform that registered a -0.06% drop  in value. from 4.16% to  4.10.
If NetOne  has  truly gained  market  share with  82 k subscribers,  how come their value of transactions has dropped?
Are these  really mobile  money subscribers, or they  are merely subscribers registering on the  network  and they  do not transact at all, in fact even  transacted  less  value from the past  period, then what was  the pint of this 9.6%  jump.
Why  register  a negative  in the  value of transaction.
How  much  was moved by One money last  year compared  to this year and why are they hiding their financials as they usually publish them.
 The market share of internet and data traffic, NetOne together with Telecel lost market share by 8,1% and 0,6 % respectively in line with the decline in consumption. Econet gained mobile internet and data traffic market by 8,7% which certainly meant in terms of revenue Netone lost out despite them reporting 82k in subscribers.
Its  simply not adding up!
In its sector performance report Potraz said, “
Total mobile operator revenues grew by 37.5% to record ZWL12.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2020 from ZWL8.94 billion in the third quarter of 2020. A quarterly comparison of the revenue contribution per service is shown below:
According to Potraz The total number of active mobile money subscriptions as at 31 December 2020, was 6,495,682.
Which  represents a 2.7% growth from 6,325,666 recorded as at 30 September 2020.
Unfortunately  it has  not been easy to get  the actual revenues moved  by One  and Telecash independently to ascertain  real growth.

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