NetOne to hold Fitness Day


MOBILE Operator, NetOne is investing in its staff’s health and lifestyle by embarking on a wellness day for all its employees, which will be launched on August 4, in Harare.

In an interview, NetOne acting chief executive officer Mr Brian Mutandiro said the organisation is embarking on a staff wellness programme by introducing a wellness day within the organisation.

“This programme aims to introduce a health and fitness culture across NetOne, and it will promote positive impact on staff lifestyles and wellbeing.

“Our employees are one of the most key NetOne stakeholders and therefore, it is important and imperative for us to invest in their health and lifestyle. The idea is to have healthy and health conscious employees who are fit physically, mentally, financially and psychologically.

“The programme is for all our staff, however, our subscribers will not be inconvenienced as all shops and services will be operational,” he said.
Mr Mutandiro said the comprehensive wellness programme will cater for non-communicable diseases detection and screening, dental checks, stress management sessions, as well as financial consultations.
“The World Health Organisation highlights that NCDs kill 40 million people each year and that is equivalent to 70 percent of all deaths globally. Each year, 15 million people aged between 30 and 69 years die because of these immature deaths.
“WHO statistics affect us as NetOne, as majority of our employees falls within the category of 30-69 years, hence it is important for us as the employer to spearhead the detection, screening and treatment of our employees. The day will be an all-encompassing day as stress management sessions, blood pressure and diabetes checks, cancer screening, first aid demonstrations as well as body mass index testing and interpretation will be done on site.
“We have engaged doctors and other medical related services to do these checks and screens as well as imparting knowledge and advice on all medical related disciplines. Those who will be found with conditions, will be referred to appropriate hospitals and doctors, he said.”

Mr Mutandiro said the employees will also participate in activities such as Soccer, Netball, Zumba, aerobics, tug of war, tennis, dunhu, and pada among others.

“We have lined up a number of sporting disciplines which includes tennis, Zumba, aerobics, soccer, netball and we have engaged professional trainers in all these sporting and physical fitness disciplines who will be coaching and leading our employees throughout the day.

“The winners in all disciplines will be awarded with medals and prizes,” he said.

He said the programme is starting in Harare but it will spread to all NetOne zones throughout the country.

Mr Mutandiro said the wellness programme comes soon after the organisation’s team building exercise which was done to reawaken the company’s vision and objectives as it moves to implement its ignite mbiri yedu mantra.

“These are transformational journey activities as we want to eradicate the dichotomy, whereby there was an old NetOne and new NetOne and highlight that there is only one NetOne.

“We held our team building exercise in the first quarter and all these are building blocks to the profitability of NetOne that we want to achieve,” he said.
Mr Mutandiro said the wellness programme seeks to make NetOne the healthiest workplace in Zimbabwe.

Ever since, Government’s restricting of the entity, the new management has been introducing a number of programmes to promote unity among employees. The company has also been on an aggressive innovative drive that has seen it introducing efficient and affordable packages that have seen its’ market share increase.

According to the POTRAZ report, NetOne was the only company to record over 500 000 new subscribers owing to the popular OneFusion package, which has taken the market by storm. The Herald.

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