Mugabe Honours Econet At Agric Show.

President Robert Mugabe over the Weekend honored Econet Wireless Zimbabwe with a top outstanding ICT Display stand of the year award.

While many perceive hostility between the government of Zimbabwe and the Mobile Network Operator, Last Saturday the two were publicly shaking hands and the later was congratulated for a job well done.

Econet Wireless battled it out against state owned and controlled telecommunications and ICT based companies, but still the powers that be, adjudicated that the Mobile Network, Once again deserved the Presidential handshake.

This is not the first time for Econet Wireless Zimbabwe to walk away with the top Agric show award, but in a long time, it was the first time to get a presidential handshake from Mugabe, as the President rarely opens the Agric show.

In the past years and traditionally, other Presidents usually fly in to officially open the Agricultural show and confer awards, but this time he had to hand over the gongs himself, after inspecting the guard of honor.

Econet Wireless  Display  (Building) Stand had the world class setup which they were mainly propping their new product Elevate, in exactly the same setup they held over the official launch of the product.


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