MondayBlues NetOne silently Appoints More Board Members


While we recently reported the resignation of NetOne Board member, Mr Makamure, only received news that more NetOne board members had been appointed, probably bringing in more divergent views and fresh minds to run the troubled state-owned mobile network operator.

The Newly appointed NetOne Board members are Chido Nyakudzya, daughter of the Boka family, Tendero Mutero and Paul Mupfiga.

The Ministry last year had also appointed their ICT Director Beaullah Chirume, totalling to four new board members.

The new four Board members join Susan Mutangadura, Ranga Mavhunga while the appointment of Douglas Mamvura still remains resisted, controversial and in obscurity.

The new appointments must bring fresh air to NetOne, minus the controversy of Mutangadura who rose to take charge after the coup de ta of fellow board members, amidst allegations of driving ZTE’s interests to the board.

NetOne will need to restart, refresh and refocus!

This company used to be the fastest growing mobile network, and a choice of many as it introduced strong products, reliable network service and interesting VAS for most subscribers, who could not hide their attachment and proudly migrated.

NetOne subscribers and service usage had been shooting, testament that the turnaround strategy under Muchenje was bearing them rewards, the ship was slowly turning and this trajectory needs to be maintained and better off improved.

The New board has a real work load to do. Top amongst them is to make us believe they are here to work and drive the interests of NetOne towards a turn around. Stake holders need a dividend and this is achievable by leadership with clear vision.

If they all put NetOne’s interests’ firs and come together as Zimbabweans with the interest to move a public company, a lot can and will be achieved for NetOne.

Since they are already silently appointed and, on the ground, our assumption can only be they have hit the ground running and we expect much more from the board, s they prove their ability.

To whom much is given, much is expected.


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