#MondayBlues: Disappointed With Ecocash On Toll Gates.

Over the past few weeks I had a nightmare travelling from Harare to Bulawayo as I had anticipated that the much publicised Ecocash -Zinara deal was going to add some convenience during my drive through.

All I had was nothing but an EcoCash balance to cross me over to Matabeleland alas, all the toll gates were not accepting Ecocash along the main route, much to my disgust, disappointment and outrage! 

By Sting.

It’s exactly two months since Econet announced their partnership with Zinara to enable toll payments via their mobile money Ecocash, but Zimbabwe had to go for over a month of nothing but waiting.

While it’s reasonable not to expect all toll gates to have been signed up by launch date, it is rather disappointing to have the nation’s major highway singled out, weeks after the announcement of the launch.

Ecocash agent at a Zinara tollgate

I had to pay an extra “thank you” dollar per cash out to every Zinara personnel manning the toll gates as they all said they were not yet taking Ecocash and it was a favor for them to cash out for me.

it seemed as if the Zinara toll gates guys knew Ecocash had prematurely announced their deal and they were making a killing out of this error.

While Ecocash finally came to the party and activated the Harare-Bulawayo toll gates, the whole month that preceded their partnership announcement was a major disappointment to motorists who fell into this trap.

Ecocash would have done us a favor of not announcing partnership prematurely when they are not yet covering the major highway.

Mobile networks in Zimbabwe have a tendency of announcing product launches when they are far from ripe before all logistics are complete causing serious inconveniences to millions who would have planned in anticipation.

I recently hear you can now pay for Toll Gates via  EcoCash on the same routes, but i don’t care anymore,i will use other methods,  I am a victim of their product already who failed to get the service after more than 21 days of announcement.

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