Liquid Telecom activating 82km fibre link in Botswana


Leading pan-African telecoms group, Liquid Telecom, is activating 82 km of fibre in a cross-border network into Botswana.

The development will increase connectivity and network capacity in the country.

Prior to this fibre implementation, Liquid Telecom Botswana did not have a cross-border connectivity network.

Managing Director, Liquid Telecom Botswana Odirile Tamajobe, said “At Liquid Telecom, we have a proven track record of investing in and deploying technology designed to grow, strengthen and build Africa’s digital future.”

” This expansion into Botswana is yet another proof point that shows our deep commitment to this practice.”

” We know that fibre is key to providing Africa with high-speed, affordable digital connectivity and have plans to create even more valuable connections throughout the continent,” she said.

While giving more people in Botswana access to Liquid Telecom’s footprint of over 73,000km of Pan African fibre, and increased access to the global digital economy.

Wellington Makamure, CEO, Liquid Telecom Southern Africa said,“Fibre technology represents a digital evolution in many African countries. Only fibre can deliver the speeds that enable Africans to experience what Liquid Telecom calls ‘the real internet’.”

” Access to high-definition digital media is almost unachievable for any household or business unless they are connected to a high-speed fibre line. “

He added that reliable and fast connectivity is vital to growing a country’s economy by opening doors to e-commerce and other global digital opportunities.

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