Liquid Intelligent Technologies Partners With Mbare Art Space


In a move aimed at expanding internet reach to underprivileged communities, Liquid Intelligent Technologies has partnered with Mbare Arts Space, to invest in providing connection and free internet at the Mbare Art Space (MAS) Artlab for the next two years.

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Chief Business Officer for the Southern African Region, Lorreta Songola today, told the official opening of an ART LAB in the capital city’s oldest surbub that the company has a standing policy of investing and giving back to underserved and vulnerable communities.

She said this is where business and successful people are bred and nurtured.

“I would like to acknowledge a statement by Jerry saying ‘Liquid Intelligent Technologies, I thought they wouldn’t do it, they wouldn’t give us connectivity.’ Yes you are right because that is the perception within the market to think Liquid Intelligent Technologies or people know us as Zol which is now Liquid Home, we are known as Connectivity Provider, where we actually remove boundary.We said people should not view us as people in business we make things happen, we want to go back at the community and say, in Zimbabwe. We grew up knowing that successful and business people come from Mbare and Highfields.’

Songola added: “All age groups are here represented, you can acknowledge that. As Liquid Telecoms we said how are we going to remove the boundaries were we see that there is talent, Art and Culture. When people said Arts and Culture what are we really looking at like here there are people who do not have the platform or they do not have accessibility and that there was Covid. So some people have been working from home, wherever they are, these are experts in their area but they do not have accessibility and how do I remove that boundary and how do we interconnect all the community that you mentioned, Moffat its through technology.”

“So to finish the whole architecture or the whole picture to paint it green it means that they need technology to remove the boundaries and also to see how do they communicate with the international community such that I heard Moffat said he is doing very well in the International Arena.You did not travel to that country to showcase what you are doing, you did it virtually, people know you through social media or through a website.”

“We are saying as Liquid Intelligent Technologies lets invest 2 years and see the progress. I am aspiring that it will not be limited to man and woman, I also want to see young people. Young people maybe have an age range so that we can capture them young and also its an achievement of this community and people are going to respect this community now there is Wifi . This will attract good, quality people to come here and see this lab.”

“Everyone has put their hands together to invest so that we have this consolidated relationship and we really want to see it grow we are here to support you and we are watching and following you anything you want from us we are here to support,” said Songola.

Other partners that worked together with Liquid Intelligent Technologies and MAS to make the artlab a success were Centragrid Solar, STO Foundation, the German Embassy, Uncommon Coding and a number of Mbare based traders.

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