Kwese Boost For Technites

Econet Wireless Group’s Technites enterprise has received a significant boost from the High Court ruling on Kwese TV as a ramp up in installations could see Technites earning as much as $50 a day for jobs.Last week the High Court ruled that Kwese sales and installations could continue despite the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) lodging an appeal with the Supreme Court. 

The increase in installations following the ruling has benefited Technites installing Kwese satellites across the country. In an interview, Technites’ Kudzanai Sekerere said on average the minimum number of jobs (installations) that he has completed in a day is three, but he can manage up to five.

“The minimum amount of jobs that we can get a day is unlimited, but with the recent increase in installations one can do up to five, which translates to $50 in earnings per day, and monthly that translates to around $1 500 for the installer,” he said.

Payment for the service is currently being conducted via EcoCash, with different rates applying to different types of jobs. And the standard rate for a Kwese installation is $10. The Technites enterprise is essentially an online registration platform for jobs for skilled workers and tradesmen, and the registration process in Zimbabwe is ongoing with over 1 800 Technites having registered so far.

That same platform alerts the customer via sms of the allocated Technite by name and mobile phone. The system also allows the customer and the superviser (or “Super Technite”) to track the Technite’s location through Google maps. On completion of the job, the Technite can only log out of the system through his mobile phone after the customer rates the quality of service by signing on the Technite’s mobile device.

In respect of training, new technites can only complete their registrations after police clearances. The Zimbabwean recruitment extends the Technites service to smaller traders like plumbing, carpentry, generator maintenance, general electrical and handyman work.

According to management, a customer app will soon be available online for individuals and/or households that wish to procure a highly skilled tradesman directly from anywhere using their mobile devices. This service will essentially be an on-demand skilled professional’s service available to homes and businesses at the touch of a button. The platform will work in a similar manner, allowing for the connecting of procured jobs to the closest skilled professional in real-time.

The company also provides insurance on every job. The Technites business has carried out several projects in the continent. For instance, the optic fibre installation in Rwanda on behalf of Liquid Telecom, satellite installations in Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda on behalf of Kwese TV, and now the Kwese TV installations locally.

Elsewhere across the continent, the platform already provides job opportunities to over 6 000 skilled workers at competitive market rates, reassuring a continuous supply of work for many skilled professionals.

Source: The Herald

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