Arrested Kangai Spends Night In Avondale Police Cells.


Ex NetOne CEO Reward Kangai who was arrested by day end will not be released home, but spend the night at Avondale Police Station cells for a possible court hearing the next morning, TechnoMag can reveal.

When TechnoMag Crew  visited the Police Station,  The arrested Reward Kangai was already detained in the cells, but the local police officers said they had no charge sheet against crimes raised since the docket was compiled and retained by ZACC officials, who only brought him to Avondale Police Station for detention.

Officer In Charge of Avondale Police Station Inspector Guvakumwe confirmed that Kangai has been brought in by ZACC officials, but they had the charge sheet that fully explained the crimes being levelled against him. However, he is expected to appear in court tomorrow. 

ZACC principal public relations officer Ms Phyllis Chikundura said Reward Kangai has been arrested for abuse of power during his tenure at NetOne and is being detained at Avondale Police Station and he will be appearing in court tomorrow.

His arrest follows a recent complaint lodged by NetOne to ZACC to further investigate Kangai on allegations levelled against him.

Last month, NetOne sued Mr Kangai for prejudicing the company of more than $2 million due to mismanagement, before they released another charge sheet worth more than $26 million dollars for the negligence of possible intent to prejudice the company.

Kangai had initially responded that the first lawsuit of the $2 million was  nothing much but a cover up effort to try and block payments towards his dues.but NetOne stated  that amount, $1 804 953,45 is for him authorising payments for sites meant to be base stations despite these not being fully developed.

“The plantiff (NetOne) paid rentals for sites for base stations although the base stations were not developed. The rentals paid amounted to $1 752 283,45. The defendant was the one who authorised the payments,” the application read.

“In the period 2015 and 2016, the Bopela Group made changes in the base station construction sites. The costs incurred, which were paid by the plaintiff, amounted to $52 670.”

However, Kangai disputed the claims, blaming it on an inter-ministerial committee reducing the sites to 175 from an agreed 350 made with the financiers of the base stations, China Export and Import Bank.

“They (NetOne) are trying to avoid paying me my early release package. $1,919 million arises from base station site rentals. When we made the loan application from China Exim Bank, we envisaged 350 greenfield base station sites and China Exim Bank required base station site lease agreements to accompany the loan application. Later, the inter-ministerial committee reduced the sites to 175 and requested NetOne to use (its) own funds to develop the sites,” he said.

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