Kangai Fights On, Challenges Dismissal

The recently fired NetOne boss, Mr Reward Kangai  has contested the legality of the termination of his contact stating it was done  procedurally and hence it is null and void, while on the same note claims he has the truth to tell to the world, and such an opportunity should be granted to him. 

The  axed NetOne Top executive has written that he has the truth that the world should know and said not doing so will write a wrong history about himself which in fact distorts the  story behind NetOne, and has called for a proper hearing instead of accepting the dismissal letter written on the 12th of October.

Whether or not NetOne responds to this is another curve in the matter, but it seems Kangai still lives to fight another day. While many had speculated a political battlefield to clear his name.It seems he is taking a legal channel to litigation while its not clear if he is already politically lobbying in the background. 



“Having so filed my court application, I was shocked to receive two letters dated 12th of October 2016 from respondent’s (NetOne) chairperson (Marufu). The one letter purported to withdraw the charges against me: the second terminated my employment on three months’ notice,” Kangai said.

“Upon receipt of the above letters, I voiced my objection to the legality of the respondent’s actions. One of the points I made then, which I make now, was that the respondent’s chairperson had acted without any board authority in terminating me.”


“It is clear that I am a victim. Respondent assails me. I take issue with the course taken. The withdrawal of the charges is incompetent and indeed invalid. The notice of termination that ensued is also invalid. In taking this position, I have considered several issues.”


“Respondent (NetOne) told the whole world a slanderous and damaging story about me. It said I am a thief, a crook and a liar. The story is on the Internet. It is everywhere. The Internet continues to tell that story. It will continue to do so until the return of the Son of Man. The story has become eternal. The world will hear it long after I am dead,” he said.

“Respondent was convinced in the truth of that story. That is why it told that damaging story to everyone in the first place. That is why it guaranteed the immortality of that story. Respondent also knew what effect that story would have on my name and career. It would destroy me. Everything would be lost. The world knows the narrative and account given by respondent. It has no reason to not believe in its truth.”


“It is important to point out at any rate that the withdrawal of a matter does not terminate proceedings. What terminates proceedings is the acceptance of that withdrawal by the other party thereto. I do not accept respondent’s purported withdrawal. I insist on the perpetuation of that process to its legally defined finality,” Kangai said.



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