Instagram to roll out new feature


Instagram is currently testing a feature that allows you to post to your feed from your desktop computerbrowser

In a statement, Facebook confirmed the test. “We know a lot of people use Instagram on their computer,” said spokeswoman Christine Pai. “To improve that experience, we’re now testing the option for Instagram users to publish a Feed post using their desktop browser.

Instagram has a history of being reluctant to add functionality to its online interface, especially on desktops.

In 2017, Instagram added the option to view Stories on the web, and late last year, it enabled direct messaging to desktop.

The test function had gone live, according to a number of Twitter users.

The option isn’t yet available to everyone, but it’s indicated in the top right corner of the page with a notification that says, “Now you can create and share posts directly from your computer.”

To see if the test is live in your browser, go to Instagram and look for a new “+” icon in the upper right icon tray.

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