Ghana’s TroTro TV Providing Digital Advertising Across the Country’s Public Transport


Ghana’s TroTro TV has launched to provide business with an exciting way in which to engage with new customers across the country.

With hundreds of installed TV screens across our transport network, the firm says it can help boost businesses brand awareness and maximize profits connecting SMEs to millions of potential new customers.

“Our TV platform is hard wired to the ignition of the buses or trotros and content is played on the go as the bus takes off to its destination so you are guaranteed viewership by mass audiences who ply our busy roads and this is measurable,” said co-founder and CEO Joel Akumiah.

As an advertising platform, TroTro TV aims to utilise a network of hundreds of HD screens in TroTro’s and buses to deliver targeted advertising campaigns on behalf of a client’s business.

The service provides businesses a medium to communicate with millions of passengers during their daily commute and will need to sign up as many buses as possible and convince them to use the platform instead of watching normal TV stations in the country which is a bit of a challenge.


Tari Mudahondo

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