#FridayHacks: Features you Didnt Know Existed on New WhatsApp Version


When WhatsApp modded up like Snapchat coming with pictorial status updates, there were mixed feelings. Most users didn’t like it as they were used to textual status.

But with time, those who didn’t like the upgrade where attuned to it, mostly for stalking other people’s pictorial statuses. It is in this stalking that the pictures were used as icebreakers for conversations.

Coming in with the update were various features which you probably didn’t know to beautify the status.

Recently WhatsApp announced that the statuses would now appear as is on Facebook. You know those kinds of textual statuses with a colour background. Yeah those!

To post a status with a colour background, you first need to go on the status panel. At it, there is a ‘pen-like’ icon which you tap on.

So with this new update, users can change the font type.

Here is how…

It’s as simple as tapping on the “T’ as many times as you can.

Should you want to change the background colour, tap the colour icon till you reach the colour of your choice.

There are other features on this new update which are fascinating. Are you considering opting out of a group, two or more perhaps? With this new version all you need to do is just tapping on as many groups you want to exit.

Stalkers have been dealt a blow with this new version which makes them wait for a person’s 30 second long status before they get to the one they like. So if you want to ogle at one status which comes after 250  contacts, that’s when you realise that patience costs.

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