#FridayHack: How to take a perfect selfie with your smartphone

If you know how to take a great selfie it would be one of the causes to get popular on social media. Today many smartphones are available with front cameras and the companies are trying to enhance the quality of front cams in their new devices.

By Cisco Eng. Shingie Lev Muringi 

A number of people are really aware of the selfie art, but many of them don’t know how to take a perfect selfie using their touch screen device. There are right ways and tips to follow in order to snap individually or group and today we will focus on improving your selfie collection.  

Many people have become popular with the great selfie collection, if we are to mention the celebrities or sports persons they are in love with selfies, on the other hand, the political people like David Cameron and Barak Obama are also taking selfies.

Check Yourself out

Check Yourself Out

First of all you must know about your looks, you must be looking pretty nice for a great selfie. If you would not be in a good condition and not dress up properly you have it never be a good looking click.

Choose a Great Background

Choose a Great Background

The background really matters. A selfie taken in a bathroom will never be effective for your friends or followers. If you are going to take a selfie like this it would be one of your biggest selfie fails. The better background you will choose the greater selfie you will manage to take, a park, best location of your home/room, great building, and one of the most visited place in your area would be best backgrounds you can choose.

Use Black and White selfies

Use Black and White

If you got tired taking selfies with colors, give a try to black and white mode of your camera. This would be a great way to take an attractive selfie, it gives an artistic touch to your photo. If black and white is not appealing, you may give a try to sepia, blue or green mode to play with different selfie styles.

Still Selfies

Be Still

It would be a great tip to have a nice selfie, the more still you will be the better selfie you can take. This is an important tip to follow that gives you a perfect look in your photo. At the start, you would need some practice to be still until your phone’s camera captured you. Looking forward to snapping yourself with great way? Follow the steps…

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Try to relax
  3. Hold your pose

more selfie clicks

The More the Better

Looking forward to share a selfie to get more likes on Facebook and favorites on Twitter? Don’t only go with the only one selfie. Take more than one clicks and share the best one pose you get.

Edit Selfies

Edit Selfies

There are a number of apps available to edit your pictures before you share your selfies with the friends. Like you can edit your selfies by doing cropping, adding color effects and use blurring options if needed then share it on the web.

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