Econet’s EcoCash Finally Fulfills USD Money Transfers With Domestic Remittance Service

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Friday night, TechMagTV had the pleasure of covering EcoCash Zimbabwe announcing that it would be entering the domestic remittance game through its EcoCash FCA wallet. The mobile money operator said that customers will be able to do this through a new shortcode, *153#.

This new access platform is there to give some separation from the conventional EcoCash *151# which is for local currency only. And for those who prefer using the EcoCash app, the service is there but you will be able to switch between local currency and USD.

Limits, cash-in/cash-out, and charges.The service is open for everyone even if you aren’t a registered EcoCash customer.Nevertheless, there are some differences in how much you’ll be able to send. If you are a registered EcoCash customer, you will be able to send US$500 per week with a limit of US$2,000 per month with those who are unregistered only getting to send half that amount. This is not out of the ordinary because those are similar terms to BancABC’s City Hopper.

As with any other remittance service, you will be able to cash in and out at the Econet Shops nationwide or you can cash in and send the money through your FCA Wallet. To make a transfer in person, you will, of course, need to bring with you your ID/Driver’s Licence/Valid Passport and the money you wish to transfer.

With domestic remittance services launching left right and centre, EcoCash was the last marquee name that wasn’t in the mix. Which was, until Friday night, a good comeback for Ecocash in USD.

TechMagTV covered Friday night the EcoCash Domestic remittance which is available on TechnoMag and TechMag TV facebook and youtube channels to watch the EcoCash, EcoCash Cassava Smartech, EcoCash WhatsApp using, remittance, remittances, FCA, USD.

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