Cummii Employs Independent Drivers


Cummii a logistics company which focuses on moving goods and people to and from various destinations is recruiting independent drivers to offer Uber like service in Zimbabwe

Interested people are required to produce their names, drivers licence, car model and year, number and email address and the area of residence, the service is expected to start in two weeks’ time

The system works by connecting driver-partners and users or clients via an android application. The user requests a ride via the app and a nearby driver accepts the request, your app displays an estimated time of arrival for the driver heading to your pickup location.

The customer will get information about the driver with whom you will ride, including first name, vehicle type, and license plate number. This info helps the two of you connect at your pickup location.

Your fare is automatically calculated and charged to the payment method you’ve linked to account whilst the driver will be paid per kilometre via EcoCash on a weekly basis. The driver can be full time or part time.

Zimbabwe National Frequency Allocation Plan (ZNFAP) Launched. Minister’s Full Speech.

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