#Breaking: NetOne Unleashes One Fusion $3, Slashes Data Tariffs.

Zimbabwe’s giant Mobile Network Operator, NetOne has introduced an economic One Fusion bundle fetching a measly $3 as they try to cater for an all-inclusive package under the fusion family, while immediately they reversed the new social media bundle tariffs they had reviewed upwards. 

The bundle comes with one hour OnNet, 10 minutes Off Net, 250MB generic data, 250 WhatsApp bundles, 250 MB Facebook bundle and 10 SMSes. Speaking exclusively to TechnoMag, NetOne executive said this new product is part of the company’s  network expansion project, as they drive towards national inclusivity.

“We deliberately introduced it now to coincide with the 3G network expansion, while we fully understand that they are some customers who may  not have afforded the minimal $5 fusion, ” he said.

With One Fusion becoming the most popular brand in Zimbabwe which gained prominence for being the most cost savvy bundle,  giving customers more, It still could have been better if the same bundle was made to last the whole month, however it expires in a week. NetOne data is currently facing intermittent connectivity caused by the 3G upgrade.

To Access the one Fusion menu, one dial *400#.

One Fusion $3

The One Fusion $3 comes at a time when Zimbabweans have been looking for a lighter version of the product that is compatible with their pockets.

However, the OneFusion $3 has some misgivings for the amount does not correspond well with the number of days considering there is a OneFusion $5. It would seem sensible for one to part with $5 for the month than $3 for the week unless a customer would be cash strapped to afford the week long bundle.

It’s a game of numbers but One Fusion $5 apart from the one hour OnNet similar to the OneFusion $3, there are 18 minutes Off Net, 300MB Data, 10SMS, 700MB WhatsApp and 900MB Facebook.

The company’s  acting chief executive Brian Mutandiro in March said, “Through, OneFusion Zimbabweans get value for their money through affordable rates and quality service. The bundles start from $5 all the way up to $200. One Fusion’s cheapest offerings are the $5 which grants subscribers 6 times more than what is being offered by competition.

“For a period of 30days we offer 60 on-net voice minutes, 18 minutes to other networks, 300MB data, 700MB Whatsapp bundles, 900MB Facebook bundles and 10sms. The larger offers from $50 upwards also include international voice minutes. This has led to hundreds of thousands migrating to us as it meets any budget.”

Meanwhile, the company said it will revert to its old social media bundle prices after increasing to $3 from $2, 80.

OneFusion launched last year enabled NetOne to become a phoenix rising from the ashes pushing the company to overtake its competitors.

About 500 000 Zimbabweans migrated to NetOne following the data wars joining the company for their One Fusion given its value for money.



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