#Breaking: Chinamasa Appointed New Minister Of Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation.

We have just received shocking news ever from the cabinet reshuffle!

The ex-minister of finance and Justice and legal affairs who spent the better part of his life in that portfolio has just been re-assigned to become the minister of a newly enacted ministry, the ministry of Of Cyber Security, Threat Detection, and Mitigation.

The motive behind the move could be obvious, there is a real cyber threat against the Zimbabwean government and recently we saw some cyber related mass protests which threatened the government, hence this is a top priority.

ministersProffesor Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Chinamasa and Supa Mandiwanzira at getcash

The choice of the minister and a new ministry is however shocking, if not interesting. Why Chinamasa? 

The answer could be a simple one, he is trusted to solve Zimbabwe’s most difficult problems, he has managed to make the economy work even through and after our worst economic meltdown in world history, he somehow knew how to get the pieces together.

But did this warranty a new separate ministry altogether?

Well its anyone’s guess, the powers that be have already made a decision and the government of the order of the day has enacted, we wait to see the new ministry at work, most likely a job opportunity for our penetration testers, ethical hacker,  deciphers, and network administrators.

Was this a demotion to Chinamasa?

It depends on how one sees things, yes he lost the strongest ministry after defense but assigned to run a new digital threat defense ministry.

So certainly not, this is what is at the heart of the President, he gives the task to the most trusted lieutenants to deliver and believe it or not Chinamasa will do so. He is starting from Scratch, from his deputy minister, Permanent secretary, and ministry directors.

But Chinamasa knows nothing about digital, I doubt if he is even going to open a twitter account.?

Well honestly, he does not really need to be a geek, he wants results he will employ people who know and they will be demanded to deliver. the methodology will be theirs but the results will be his.

Was Supa Fired?

Noo he could not be, he knew what he was doing and has been doing it well.He is simply being allowed to focus on ICTs yet Chinamasa would dot he cyber warfare.

Ok, folks, I know this is now more threating and worrisome ..I Guess its time for more engagements and less speculation. Once more again for Zim Online Content Creators, let’s all go and see this guy “who knows nothing” about digital but has all the answers for our sector.


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