“Books Were Better Than Computers” Mugabe – Nkulumane CIC


President Robert Mugabe officially commissioned Nkulumane Community Information Centre CIC, in a Bulawayo surburb over the weekend where he said that books were better than computers.

Addressing delegates and members of the community in the high-density suburb, the president spoke on how they used traditional books to advance their education compared to the digital platforms, which does not have better mind imprint.

The book turns to imprint on your mind information that is more lasting, you use your eyes to read and mind to digest and believe your eyes to hear and those things are less forgettable than what comes to you suddenly through computers and vanishes


He said a combination of books and the digital platform gives you double knowledge and an edge to confirm fake information over more researched information, that then makes you more informed

The President was concerned that we have allowed our children to depend only on the digital platforms and they have neglected the books completely for solutions in class on mobile devices.

Vana vedu vachienda kuchikoro unovaona nema mobile devices, book havachaverengi, they don’t need to go to the library anymore, which I think it’s a pity, nokuti isu takavakwa nemabhuku, not the internet but I guess it’s the new order of the day.

But the beauty of technology is that it keeps up in contact, but these books you would search for them locally and you wont find them, you try in South Africa and they will tell you its in London, but nowadays, you no longer have to go through this tedious process, you simply download it off the internet


The president thanked the minister of ICT Postal and Courier Services Hon Supa Mandiwanzira over the development of empowering the local community and urged that more investment be put into training of the community


President Mugabe also castigated the use of computers for pornography by students and urged the youths to desist from such activity. He said it is not any good to only speak ill against that but rather people should be pro active against such behavior.

He then castigated the use of the internet to spread hate speech and political fights as a tool that is being used to destroy party structures and causing cracks and disloyalty in the party.



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