African History To Blame For Technological Underdevelopment


I once read a joke that troubled me, it was funny though. It said, the Americans dug 10 feet down, found old copper wire and reported that they had telephone network 150 years ago. The following week, the Chinese dug 20 feet down, found old copper wire and reported that they had telephone network 250 years ago. Not to be outdone, the Africans dug 30 feet down, didn’t find anything, and concluded that 350 years ago, they were already using wireless technology.

While this is merely a joke, one that surely shows how inferior we are, it does make one wonder why we didn’t develop the way others did. Others continue to make groundbreaking discoveries, while we are failing to play catch up, resorting to merely taking the role of using what they have created.

By Pearson Mbendera

Surely a people who could talk to their dead ancestors without the use of any technology device didn’t need to invent the telephone to advance their technology, but is there something wrong with our belief system? Believing in the supernatural ensured that we didn’t ask certain questions, hence we didn’t need Google, and couldn’t have created such an amazing search engine.

There was a time when one of the twins was killed, and the birth of an albino child meant that the spirits were angry. Our ignorance, stemming from our beliefs held us back from trying to understand what happens for there to be twins and the lacking of melanin pigment in albinos. But we were never interested in the answers, thus never bothered in asking the questions that led others into a journey of discovery, a journey they are still partaking today.

One can argue that the wireless technology is surely the same one uses with mubobobo, penetrating even without a visible connection, but while the wireless technology, which now can be used to charge laptop batteries and is hailed as an advancement of technology, mubobobo is not revered as such, being shunned as evil. Surely the sentiments of wireless connectivity aren’t shared by all.

Anyone who had watched the movies like Harry Potter can attest to the developed people having the same juju our own people have, but they still manage to develop and create technology that can be understood by all, like airplanes, when they could have traveled the world cheaply and at a less harmful way to the ozone layer on their brooms. It would have been faster too.

Maybe its our language that got in our way. While the Americans celebrated sending a man to the moon, here, it would have been something unheard of, as such a trip (kuenda kumwedzi/menstruation) is only for women. So they have their technology and we have whatever it is we have, maybe we should be proud of it, we discovered it a long time ago.

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