ZINARA adopts automatic number plates recognition at tollgates


The Zimbabwe National Road Adminstration (ZINARA) has resolved to adopt the use of automatic number plate recognition cameras in an effort to ease congestion at it’s tollgates along the Plumtree-Mutare highway.

ZINARA technical director confirmed the development adding that the technology would improve efficiency at the tollgates

”We are introducing the basic short-range cameras at all the tollgates along the Plumtree-Mutare Highway which will recognise the number plate of an exempted car approaching the tollgate at a speed of 70km per hour,” Chigonyati said.

Motorist have experienced delays at tollgates across the country and Chigonyati said that the use of ANPR technology will contribute towards easing congestion and was already in use at the Norton tollgate.

“These cameras will also allow future developments like licencing and system processing and verification of road transit coupons, but principally for now this is going to reduce processing time at the plazas and allow road users to spend less time on the queues”,added Chigonyati.

The ANPR technology employs optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates and the information gathered is used to identify and process the vehicle tolling class, licensing status and tolling exemption status.

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