All set for Zim’s Customer Satisfaction Index Launch

Zimbabwe’s first customer satisfaction index report prepared by The Chartered Institute of Customer Management and Select Research is set to be launched on October 4 in Harare.

Prior to the introduction of the Zimbabwe Customer Satisfaction Index (ZimCSI), the country had no measure of quality from the perspective of the customer

CICM alongside Select Research conducted a nationwide survey to come up with the 2016 National Customer Satisfaction Index report.

The launch of this report is the main highlight of the Customer Service Week, an international event celebrated world- wide (Zimbabwe included) during the first full week of October under the theme ‘Building Trust’.

“The Awards have earned global recognition as CICM also hosts the same awards in different countries across Africa. Other highlights of the breakfast meeting program include new board elections for CCAZ,” said CCAZ executive secretary Rinos Mautsa.

According to researchers the index also measures the quality of economic output as a complement to traditional measures of the quantity of economic output.

CICM chief executive officer, Ricky Harris said the index will be the country’s scientific standard of customer satisfaction.


The inaugural index found out that Zimbabwe’s customer satisfaction index current ranking averaged at 75.5 percent.

“This basically means that the majority of local customers are happy with the services that they are receiving from their current service providers,” said Mautsa.

Ricky Harris said the ZimCSI – an independent national benchmark of customer satisfaction of the quality of products and services –  will benefit multiple players both public and private sector within the local economy, as well as foreign investors eyeing the country’s markets.

“Zimbabwean companies can use the ZimCSI as a tool to optimize customer satisfaction, which in turn drives customer loyalty and thereby corporate profitability. The Index also is used for competitive and cross-industry benchmarking.

“It’s also critical for foreign investors who need to understand the relationship between a company’s current condition and its future capacity to produce wealth. In capitalistic free markets, sellers that do well by their customers are rewarded by more business from buyers and more capital from investors,” he said.

“The ZimCSI will also benefit Government, which needs to know how best to encourage economic growth and living standards for its citizens.”


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