Now You Can See Who Is Chewing Your Data On WhatsApp


Mark Zuckerberg’s WhatsApp granular storage control feature for a while made iOS users some kind of the application’s omniscient ‘demigods’.

With the ability to see whom you spend most of your time with on the application with 1 billion daily  users Android users, I for one, wondered when Zuckerberg would give us such powers.

The feature extinct for Android users is fortunately found as a beta version. But to those not using the beta version, take heart, be patient, you will soon be ‘deified’.

Before, Android users could neither manually delete an entire  conversation with corresponding media or select multiple messages to delete them and their media.

We’re pretty sure this feature only showed up a few days ago, so you should have it if you’re running the latest v2.17.340 beta. If you don’t have that yet, you can join the official beta on the Play Store or grab the file manually from APK Mirror.

It gets more exciting! You know in our Shona setup expects husbands to be all-courteous to their in-lawyers. Mistakes do happen, an infidel husband might send a naughty message to his mother in law via WhatsApp. Imagine the shame. Its no use crying over spilt milk.

That was the case then when WhatsApp could not let you revoke a message. Word on @WABetaInfo is that beta users are now privileged to withdraw the unwanted, ruining and unwarranted messages. Users can revoke text messages within five minutes of sending. (Don’t sleep on it!)

Know this, if the server works, it does not necessarily mean that the feature will be enabled immediately. WhatsApp still needs to roll the feature out officially to users.

WhatsApp will first enable and roll the feature out to beta users before it becomes a fully-fledged feature.  According to the Daily Mail, the feature was included in the code for version 2.17.30 of the app, but  WhatsApp still needed to enable it.

Rumours of the feature first began in February, when reports suggested the messaging app was testing a feature to delete messages mistakenly sent to users in its beta version – a win for drunken texters and those who send messages they regret later on.

Prior to testing this new feature, a user could press and hold on a specific message to delete it. Regardless of how long it takes to roll out, however, the ability to recall messages will be incredibly useful for those prone to mistakingly sending out messages to the wrong people.

Better yet, if you decide to recall your message, whatever you wrote is not displayed on the recipient’s notification area. Instead, the recalled message is displayed as, “This message was deleted.”

However, this function only removes the message from the device of the user who deleted it and not from the device of the user on the other end.

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