Twitter, Facebook to hand over @POTUS account to Biden


Social media giants Twitter and Facebook will transfer control of the @POTUS account to the Joe Biden administration on January 20 next year.

The social media giants will also hand over other institutional handles for the White House, vice president and first lady of the United States

The POTUS account  on both platforms is the official account of the President of the United States.

“Twitter is actively preparing to support the transition of White House institutional Twitter accounts on January 20th, 2021. As we did for the presidential transition in 2017, this process is being done in close consultation with the National Archives and Records,” the company revealed to Reuters.

“In 2017, we worked with both the Obama Administration and incoming Trump Administration to make sure the transition of their Facebook and Instagram accounts was seamless on January 20th, and we expect to do the same here,” Facebook said in response Reuters.

Politico reported earlier that the handover of the @POTUS Twitter handle requires no sharing of information between the outgoing Trump team and incoming Biden team.

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