Telone Voice Traffic Increases By 5.7 %


More Zimbabweans are now using Telone fixed services leading to the increase of Fixed Voice Traffic by 5.7% to record 92.1 million minutes in the fourth quarter of 2021.  

Presenting the 2021 fourth Quarter annual report Tuesday, Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) Director-General Gift Kallisto Mangechete highlighted that the fixed telephone voice traffic increased to 92.1million, from 87.1 million minutes recorded in the third quarter of 2021.

The growth in fixed voice traffic per category, Net on Net 3rd Quarter 2021 was on 8,943,980 and 4th Quarter 2021, 9,361,835 and the Variance at 4.7%.

Fixed voice traffic on Outgoing to Mobile 3rd Quarter 2021 at 68,113,011 and 4th Quarter 2021 at 72,460,736 with the Variance of 6.4%.

Incoming from Mobile, 3rd Quarter 2021 at 4,712,315 whilst 4th Quarter 2021 at 4,650,954 with the Variance of -1.3%.

Incoming from Internet Access Provider (IAPs) 646,062 in the 3rd Quarter 2021 and 698,257 in the 4th Quarter with the Variance of 8.1%.

Outgoing to IAPs, 3rd Quarter at 689,234 and 4th Quarter at 758,460 and a Variance of 10.0%.

Total National Voice Traffic 3rd Quarter at 83,104,602 and 4th Quarter at 87,930,242 and a Variance of 5.8%.

International Incoming 3rd Quarter 2021 at 2,675,065, 4th Quarter at 2,741,596 and the Variance at 2.5%.

International Outgoing 3rd Quarter at 1,349,441, 4th Quarter at 1,410,492 and the Variance at 4.5%.

The Total Fixed Network Traffic 3rd Quarter at 87,129,108, 4th Quarter at 92,082,330 and the Total Variance at 5.7%. 

Potraz Director-General added that, “Unlike mobile voice traffic, fixed voice traffic increased despite the increase in tariffs as the bulk of traffic comes from corporate subscriptions who are fairly price inelastic. Incoming traffic from mobile operators was the only category to record a decline.”

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