Orelplus introduces Market Monday


Orelplus has introduced a market Monday that will be offering a chance to grow business and cash in on sales.

“Orelplus is offering you a chance to grow your business and cash in sales. Create your business page today and advertise your products Every Monday for Free only on Orelplus Social Feed,”

“You will be able to post Product Pictures, Product Videos, Product Description and Pricing and contact Details, office\Shop Address,”

Orel Plus is a multimedia application with inspirational Book, Audio and Video content designed to cater to the Physical and Spiritual wellbeing of the millennial christian.

Equipped with an intuitive and easy to use user interface that guarantees a thrilling user experience. Orel Plus brings users more content in a seamless interconnected way that allows communities, friends and family to interact on the application daily through an informative social feed where they can comment and like on the content of their choice.

Orel Plus also boosts the ability to create a personal profile which is fully customizable, upload statues on your profile that can only be seen by friends and family and add friends on your personalised profile to interact with.

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