#ModayBlues : DStv Zimbabwe Can Go Hang!


DStv has started reducing prices for their subscription packages in a move which yours truly sees to be obviously reactionary  or would say a panic mode to the entry of Kwese into the Zimbabwean market.

It is no secret that Zimbabweans are sick and tired of ZBC TV, hence in their millions they are willing to pay for any alternative satellite service including the Free To Air, and Yes DStv was a darling to many.

However DStv Zimbabwe has been continuously overcharging the nation, compared to South African counterparts, the local distributors have been making a killing forcing many to open SA Based Accounts.

While dealers were  and are still charging a commission to maintain these SA Based accounts, it still was not financially viable for anyone to make such payments and Multi choice Zimbabwe still had the audacity to continuously charge an arm and a leg,  effecting more price hikes in the process.

It is a fact that DSTV offers prime content and one can not even compare the quality of channels they have with these new players, while most Zimbabweans hope that Kwese would up its game and introduce more sports and good movies channels, its still remains unclear whether Kwese will stand the murky waters in Zimbabwe.

Their demands to charge hard foreign currency at such exorbitant rates is unreasonable and only leaves those without freedom of choice to remain their lifetime servants .

The only prayer that yours truly is making right now is that the Kwese issue is finalized and serves victory to the new player who seem to be much sober and have the subscribers at heart.

Lest we forget, Kwese is an Econet subsidiary, and these guys have a tendency of chopping our money big time as well, if they don’t learn from the same mistakes DSTV made in Zimbabwe, we will abandon them the same way we did ZBC TV and DSTV, Zimbabwean always have a plan B.

DStv is MultiChoice’s digital satellite TV service in Sub-Saharan Africa, launched in 1995, providing various bouquets offering general entertainment, movies, lifestyle & culture, sport, documentaries amongst others.



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